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Men’s Ground Game Board Shorts

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- fully sublimated board shorts, available in white
- sublimated internal label on waist; no tags = no tickles
- 100% stretch polyester fabric; ultra-light and ultra-soft so you can feel just as comfortable paddling out, as you would applying an arm bar
- Jiu Jitsu black belt graphic on waist, stylized "Emenel" text on rear waist, and Brazilian, Japanese, and American flag logos sublimated on left hip/thigh
- interior zippered pocket and Velcro waist tab with interior drawstring
- 23" outseam

Available in men's even waist sizes 28 - 44*, $42.99

* Please note that the waist is true to size, so order the next size up for a proper fit on the waist and hips...otherwise people might be able to make out the shape of your chub, which is totally unacceptable.

Why spend a decade trying to earn a black belt, when you can just buy board shorts, which already have it printed? No one's going to kick sand in your face when you've got these on...and if they do, just poke him in the eyes like one of the Stooges, and run for the water. Worst case scenario, just pull them down to your ankles, and 99% of the time your opponent will back off. I mean, c'mon...who the hell wants to fight a naked guy?

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